Sunday, 2 December 2007

The Gospel According to St Stripe

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Anonymous said...

What a bunch of desparados

Lou said...

Holy s**t!!! Amazing scenes of rural depravity.

Love your serious dancing face in pic 11. Concentrating hard on shaking your booty whilst nursing a slipped disk.

Photo 12... what can I say?. Do I know him? Not sure I want to look him in the eye (ahem). Hope someone twanged his suspenders at some point.

Photo 13 - you are collapsing whilst being supported by a one-legged man wearing a giant shoe. Culmstock is freeeeaky.

Tell Richard he's a natch as Quentin. And tell Mr Silver Shiny he is far too happy.

I'm never going to babysit for you ever again if this is what you get up to.