Monday, 29 September 2008

Finally, some privacy.

As soon as I've got a handle and some hinges, I'll be putting the wood in the hole, and no longer will people be at risk of seeing me getting in or out of the shower when they come round. On a clear night you could hear the screams for miles.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Crystal ball

This is our bathroom. Its horrible, cold and badly laid out. It hasn't changed since we moved in over six years ago, except that a few of the tiles have fallen off the walls. But I've had a look in my crystal ball, and I've seen the future....

Its one virtue is that it is big. Big enough to divide into two or three parts.
I can't wait to chuck this monstrosity into a skip. I hate this bath with a vengeance! Richard is booked for the month of November and we've just ordered a small fortune's worth of new bathroom fixtures. We're going to have an en-suite shower room attached via some substantial wardrobe space to our bedroom, and a family bathroom with a lovely big bath set into a wooden deck. The plan below shows the plan, as it were, and although some details are bound to change, these will be minor (I may eat my words).

Stay tuned!

Friday, 26 September 2008

About Time!

Dear Blogfans,
A thousand apologies for the lack of recent posts! At first, I dismissed the trickle of complaints as being from cranky individuals who really should go and do something more useful with their time. But the trickle became a stream, and the stream became a torrent, and I now have a special folder for any emails I get which contain certain keywords like "death" and "kill" "pleaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!" But for my own safety, I must yield to the demands of my adoring and psychotic fans. So below you will see a couple of views of the studio I took this morning.

I put up the vertical blind yesterday, just in time to start painting the latest artwork for the UTC advertising campaign It casts a completely neutral shade across the board in the mornings when direct sunlight pours in through the windows making it impossible to work in colour otherwise.

Red alert! Starting to get messy in here, darn! I knew that would happen....