Friday, 27 February 2009

Triumph and Disaster

Having toiled away for most of the week tiling and grouting the shower and shower room floor, I had reached the point yesterday morning where the shower enclosure was all ready for the door to be fitted. Rather than steaming ahead with that which was the temptation, I decided to paint the walls first so that I didn't get paint all over the door and stuff.

So this morning I set about fitting the door. The first thing I discovered was that due to a mis-measurement of about 15mm, I had cut all the top row of tiles about 15mm too low.

So I had to smash off the top row of tiles....

Which of course took half the plasterboard off with them. I really can't think of anything funny to say about this.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Bang up to date

This very morn was I tiling the shower.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Look at my passage

The last couple of days I've spent clearing all the tools and dust and rubbish out of the airing cupboard and repositioning some electrics. Janine can start putting towels and fluffy things in it now!

The old...

The new. The plastering was done a couple of days ago by Jack, now it just needs a lick of paint, some floor tiles and a few bits of skirting and architrave. Job done.

Hole in the wall

The last thing Rich did before he left on his away mission was make a large rectangular hole in our bedroom wall. The day before, Janine had asked me where the hole was going to be, so I drew it on the wall in pen. In completely the wrong place. And the next day (when I wasn't around) Richard came and for some strange reason thought I'd marked it accurately, and made a hole in the wrong place. You've got to laugh...
This was after he'd filled the wrong hole and made the right one.

Through the hole, this is what you can see. A view through the dressing/wardrobe room into the en-suite shower room. As Rich was away we had Jack in for several days doing the plastering. He's very good. He helped lay the floor in the studio after I hurt my back.

Compact and bijou...

I know, I know already! I haven't updated the blog for weeks. Well, I've got lots of excuses, not least of which is that I sent Richard on a mission 200 miles away which has taken precedent over things here. Won't bore you with the details.

However, I have some pictures in reserve of what Richard was doing before he left. Here he's just starting on the third wall of the shower enclosure in the en-suite.

And here he's finished and plastered it. The bit that's not plastered will be tiled.

Then he put in the shower tray. A real neat little low-profile job.