Thursday, 28 August 2008

Shower Room Update

Well I'm supposed to be working right now, but as usual in the early stages of a job a certain amount of procrastination occurs. During such periods I have busied myself in finishing the detailing of the shower room.
The last glass tiles came (you may remember I missed out a whole wall when I calculated the number of tiles I needed so I had to order more which took 8 weeks to arrive) so I stuck them up.

I've now finished all the grouting and put up this rather nice glass shelf which Tesco were knocking out for a fiver a couple of years ago. At that price, I thought, I can afford a speculative purchase in the hope of finding it a nice permanent home in some utopian contemporary style future.... How right I was.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

One for Richard

Richard not only lends us his tools so we can continue the good work on the studio (so he can get out of doing the good work himself, yes, I know!) but also lent us his roof box so we could go on holiday. Also, I suspect, to get rid of us for a while so we wouldn't be hassling him about doing any more good work.

About to get very wet

A cold mountain lake at considerable altitude, and she's still warm and dry in this snap, at least for another tenth of a second. Go J9!

Flora and fauna

A few of Spain's plants and creatures were kind enough to keep still long enough for me to get a nice snap of them. The lizards were particularly difficult. You are never more than a meter from the nearest butterfly or grasshopper.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Up in the Picos

When we were in Spain we spent about two thirds of out time up in the mountains, the Picos De Europa and the Parque National De Somiedo in the Western Picos. If you've seen six spectacular sights before breakfast, there are probably a few more in store before lunch.


Well, I appear to be back from a lovely holiday in Spain which would explain the long absence. I fully intended to announce my departure, but in the end failed to return to the computer before I left. Inspired by my pal Steve of Sketch of the Day fame, I took a pad and my colour pencils, and managed to get precisely one drawing done. This one. This was the view from outside our tent one morning when we were camping in the Picos De Europa. Or rather this is a drawing of it. Done rather quickly. And I couldn't find my knife to sharpen my pencils. Enough excuses. I'll post some photos soon too.