Thursday, 13 December 2007

F.A.O. Paula

Hi Paula, (Paula is Richards lovely partner, for those who don't know) I hear that Rich has been telling you that I curse like a builder and generally have very bad on-site language. Its all lies, of course. I'm sure he's only trying to divert attention from his own potty mouth. Why, only this afternoon, he was heard to utter "F*** p*** willies and bums!!" Shocking. I expect the outrageous fibber will be telling you I break wind next.

Anyway, on to today's toil: I can't complain about that at least. Its looking mighty fine. Above you can see most of the ceilings are now up. Amazing how the space underneath seems to widen.

Another view taking in the bathroom, and the outside wall is now done too with insulated board.

More insulated board goes up where the kitchenette will be. We hired an apeman to put the boards up.

Meanwhile, I was cutting the insulation boards and filling the gaps between the rafters. That stuff gets everywhere. In your lunch, in your hair, in your eyes, in your underwear. No wonder Richard got me to do it.

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