Thursday, 22 November 2007

World of pain

Hello Blogheads! The bad news is that as you can see, I'm in bed, not helping Richard like I am supposed to be doing. I lasted about 15 minutes yesterday shoveling concrete before... wham! My back went.
So here I am in bed, miserable and frustrated. Had the doctor out twice yesterday, one injection of morphine and 8 hours on the bathroom floor before I finally got into bed with Richard and Janine's help. That wasn't in his job description. They sorted me out a telly so I could watch the England game, and that only added to my pain. The second doctor came out and gave me a load of Vallium so I could get to sleep. I've got people taking pictures of the progress so I'll be posting more stuff soon from my sick bed. Nothing stops the blog!!!


Lou said...

Oh no! You poor boy! Sounds hideously serious with morphine injections and all. I hope things ease off soon.

Still, you did make my eyes goggle with the phrase "8 hours on the bathroom floor before I finally got into bed with Richard". I must clean the muck off my glasses before I misread things again.


Simon said...


Hans Jenssen Illustration said...

Isn't he a Sri Lankan cricketer?

Tim P said...

Hans nil - shovel 1
you poor poor man.