Friday, 23 November 2007

Ultra floor-tabulous!

Hi folks! Well, while I am still flat out in bed, Richard has been very busy. Yesterday the concrete
wasn't hard enough (ooh err vicar!) to work on but today Rich went veritably mad. First another layer of damp-proof membrane went down, so no more rising damp with this floor Miss Jones (you'd probably need to be 40+ and British to get that reference).

On top of that went a layer of super efficient insulation board, which I hear they use on space shuttles and moon bases and stuff!

Here's the boards all nicely laid.

Then Richard laid the heating pipes on top of the board, and now it looks so cool that it is a crying shame to cover it in more concrete, which is what's going to happen next.

The end of the pipes even have a cool gismo stuck on which starts vibrating furiously and explodes if it gets too hot, just like on Thunerbirds. So that's it for today I think, but keep those messages of sympathy flooding in, I really appreciate it, especially Simon's.


Lou said...

Underfloor heating = cat heaven. Should be fab next time you do your back in - nice warm flat surface to lie on.


ps you sound remarkably coherent for someone who's been on the morphine/valium train. Don't know why, I sort of expected more typos. Well done sir!

Steve 8Ball said...

Rising Damp? Miss Jones? No I don't get it. Is it anything to do with the hilarious sit com, 'Duty Free' starring Keith Barron and Leslie Judd?

Anonymous said...

I dont know, he is talking about Moon bases and space craft! Hans you are cleared for take off!