Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Change of scene, mezzanine....

Today Rich made a whole different kind of mess and several new and novel kinds of noise. There were tools and timber everywhere, and lots of power-sawing and hammering: Very exciting!
He was building the small mezzanine level floor, and it is a level floor, despite the beam being not level. Confused? Anyway, this inspired me to poetry (see below). If anyone comes up with anything better, or worse, please leave it in the comments, and I will decide later if any are worthy of a prize or a medal or something:

There was a young bird called Janine
Who went up to the mezzanine
Hans threw her some soap
'Cos it was his hope
That when she came down she'd be clean

I realize of course that the obvious rhyme would have been "obscene"


Lou said...

Lol! Here goes:

While you went and buggered your back
ol' Richard was working full-whack
to transform the place
from total disgrace
to split-level funky Love Shack

I should stop there but hey...

Whilst you'll love the underfloor heat
and the view from your desk is a treat
are you going to admit
you'll miss just a bit
that old chocolate-brown bathroom suite?

Hans Jenssen Illustration said...

Fantastic Lou! Here's my answer to your second one:

Try and try as I might
I can't find a word that's polite
The brown loo did hide
All the skidmarks inside
But you have to admit it was sh***