Monday, 26 November 2007

Monday morning

Nothing much to report over the weekend as Richard was busy spending leisure time the scurvy swab (although to be fair he did come in on Sunday to mark the position of the shower room and the height of the floor). The state of my back was improving, helped by the sheer amount of sleep my body was demanding, so I really didn't see much of the weekend at all. But today, I'm actually back on my feet, albeit rather wobbly. But Richard and Jack aren't wobbly, look what they did this morning:
That's the final layer of concrete going in to bring the floor level up to where it should be. With hot water being piped through it, it will act as a giant storage heater and give the room a kind of fundamental, primeval glow.... Uh-oh, when I get poetic it usually means I've had too many pain killers....


Mojo said...

Small miracle that no pooch, cat or indeed pesky boy have left a little footprint in that concrete yet.

I know I would.

Hans Jenssen Illustration said...

Anyone who did would be ever so slightly killed.