Tuesday, 1 January 2008


Dear old Rooster died on 28 December aged a positively ancient 15 years and a month or two. He had a great life and narrowly missed out on being put to sleep at five months for biting someone's kids. Luckily he ended up in the dogs home instead. Actually he always liked children, although he could never eat a whole one.


Erica said...

Dear H, J, and A -
Rooster had a good life. Our own Ginger (long haired Dachshund) is 16. Every day is a gift for her and for our family. Love the pets.
Happy New Year,

Hans Jenssen Illustration said...

Thanks Erica, and good to know you're checking in!

Tim P said...

Sorry to hear about Rooster. Having lost dogs of my own it is hard. I hope you all are well including Sol and Mol