Monday, 7 January 2008

Christmas diversion

Hello dear bloggies! Sorry to have been so slack with my posts lately. Nothing much to show, as I've spent nearly all my spare time shopping for floors, shower room fixtures, kitchen units, etc etc etc, and Richard has been on his Christmas break. As was I for a few days in Kent visiting the rellies, one of which had health issues which meant I spent much of the time whizzing to the hospital and back. But I did sneak out to see my mate Richard who owns and restores a variety of exotic vehicles. He's not a qualified engineer, but there can't be many better ones. He is a genius with metal and machinery. This is his tank. He says its just a self-propelled gun, but it looks like a tank to me. He's selling it soon.
Here's the beautifully restored interior of the turret with the breech of the gun at top.

And when I visited him, he'd just bought this truck. And that's his US Army truck behind. I've known Rich for over 40 years.

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