Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Backwards and Forwards

Having now finished the wardrobes, my priorities suddenly switched back to the en-suite (having originally planned to do the floor in the undressing room).

The reason for this was that I discovered a pesky leak in the corner of the shower. This shower door cost a fortune and has been nothing but trouble. Its design is so unnecessarily complex that no matter how hard I try, water always seems to manage to find a way through eventually. Here, it was getting behind the door pivot and leaking through a crack in the grout behind, so I had to rip out the whole side. That's the second time I've had to do that, and I bally well intend not to have to bally well do it again. I also scraped out all the grout all the way around the bottom and started again with the best quality sanitary silicone money can buy.

I also got on with finishing all the skirting, one of those jobs which I always seem to take forever to get around to. That results in a particularly warm glow of satisfaction when I finally do. I had to pull the khazi out to get at it, and I've thoughtfully blotted out the end of the soil pipe in case you are just having your breakfast.

The end piece was carefully cut by hand and glued together.

I cut a small piece of stone tile to fit between the skirting and the shower tray. When all the gaps were variously siliconed, grouted and caulked, it looked pretty tidy. I also had a small fillet to do on the other side to finish off that corner. Every possible gap is now permanently sealed. Now there's a bold statement if ever there was one.


lou said...

Oh you poor boy. If it makes you feel any better I had to rip out and re-tile part of our shower within a couple of years of it going in. And now I wonder if it was a leak after all: the entire outside wall is dropping chunks of itself and after rain the paint goes in a big floppy bubble. In other words, that part of the house seems to have been constructed out of tissue paper, snot and spiderwebs and either the roof or the plumbing leaks.

Feel any better?

Didn't think so. ;)

Hans Jenssen Illustration said...

Actually, yes, thanks.