Friday, 21 November 2008


Yesterday Richard turned up, 2 weeks late but that's pretty good for a builder. We set about ripping the plumbing, sanitary-ware and plaster out.
Goodbye beige plastic bath, how I have loathed thee these past six years and more.
Be gone!!

By evening everything was out, and the plaster was off and bagged up. 25 sacks to be precise, which all went to the dump this morning.


Pat and Brian said...

Nice job you are doing Hans on your house, a mammoth task, do you have any spare time to do any artwork! Regards to you all.

Lou said...

When all this is over, and you feel that life without a DIY deadline is dull and meaningless, come on over. When you're shocked by having nasal passages unclogged by plaster dust, and feel that something is missing when you don't itch from insulation bits in your clothing, come on over.
If you miss the adrenaline rush that only a mis-timed thwack on the thumb with a hammer can provide, come on over.
We can help.