Thursday, 13 November 2008

A new era of splendour dawns...

Now that we have sold the car, let me share with you some snaps of the ghastly, unsightly past with which we have been living these last six years.
Before entering the bathroom, you have to pass through this small vestibule down a couple of steps and face these doors which don't open or close properly, behind which is a large (you might have guessed, if you have picked up any recurring themes from this blog) but massively inefficiently used space with just two really flimsy shelves where there ought to have been four strong ones. It is an "airing" cupboard around which air cannot circulate because there is no way for it to get in or out.
On your left as you face the doors, are these panels behind which is another large space, which is simply hidden; not used at all. Lots of the hot water and central heating pipes run behind here, so the space gets warmed up all the time to no useful purpose whatsoever. Hmmmm..... An ideal spot for an airing cupboard, you might think.


Lou said...

ah, THOSE steps. Designed to make guests headbut the cupboard in the middle of the night when staggering to the loo somewhat inebriated.

Hans Jenssen Illustration said...

I'm afraid the nocturnal headbutts will not be eradicated, but you might find it prefereble to falling down a ladder from the Love Shack!

Ps. I think that was the fastest comment ever.