Saturday, 27 September 2008

Crystal ball

This is our bathroom. Its horrible, cold and badly laid out. It hasn't changed since we moved in over six years ago, except that a few of the tiles have fallen off the walls. But I've had a look in my crystal ball, and I've seen the future....

Its one virtue is that it is big. Big enough to divide into two or three parts.
I can't wait to chuck this monstrosity into a skip. I hate this bath with a vengeance! Richard is booked for the month of November and we've just ordered a small fortune's worth of new bathroom fixtures. We're going to have an en-suite shower room attached via some substantial wardrobe space to our bedroom, and a family bathroom with a lovely big bath set into a wooden deck. The plan below shows the plan, as it were, and although some details are bound to change, these will be minor (I may eat my words).

Stay tuned!

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