Tuesday, 5 February 2008


Sparky is very shy and doesn't like his picture taken. Between you and me he is extraordinarily ugly, so I wouldn't really want his putrid features defiling my blog anyway. But he's been wiring up like mad today, this being at the other end of the thingy I posted on 11 December. Perhaps someone can send in the correct punchline to the joke now, as surely the clearly visible "Xpelair" logo gives it away. Come to think of it though, if it did that, you'd asphyxiate on the toilet, and what it is really there to do is expel smell, which to my mind is a much catchier name anyway.

Oh golly! I just checked the 11th December blog entry, and someone, (Helen) did post the correct punchline to the joke. It was of course "extractor fan!"

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