Thursday, 7 February 2008

More excitement

Sparky has gone off to have some plastic surgery. He'll need more than that to do something about his weight problem though. But Richard was back doing plumbing and putting in drains and pipes all over the place. While he was doing that, I got the trusty old cross-head screwdriver out.....
.....and put together the units for the kitchenette so we could make sure all the pipes fit neatly behind them. These units have an impressive ratio of 13.7 expletives per kilo.

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Lou said...

"...expletives per kilo..." LOL!

Big day for us. Remember that bathroom window of ours that blew out last September? Our builder FINALLY turned up and fixed it. Geez. A month to get three guys to turn up for a quote. 3 months to get one to produce a written quote and be bothered to do the work. We need a Richard.

p.s. the window blowing out was totally not 'wind' related. We were in the pub at the time. And still cool enough to bodge a board over it that has withstood winter gales.