Monday, 12 April 2010

Air of Despair...

See this piece of wood? Well, being too short for it's purpose by around 20mm, it is an expensive piece of firewood. Planed, dry oak. Only really posh people can afford to burn this stuff.... Of course, you have guessed that (being as I'm not posh) this sad situation came about through incompetence with a tape measure on my part, resulting in a number of things:

1. I was in a strop for most of the day, wanting only to sit and carve the word "IDIOT" across my forehead with a rusty Stanley knife.

2. We got a couple of bits of expensive firewood, as I've already mentioned.

3. I have to contact Hugh who sourced the wood for me and admit what I did, because I now need another piece.

4. I have to find a use for the long bit of leftover scrap oak from which I cut the short piece in the photo, as it is too good to burn.

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