Friday, 27 February 2009

Triumph and Disaster

Having toiled away for most of the week tiling and grouting the shower and shower room floor, I had reached the point yesterday morning where the shower enclosure was all ready for the door to be fitted. Rather than steaming ahead with that which was the temptation, I decided to paint the walls first so that I didn't get paint all over the door and stuff.

So this morning I set about fitting the door. The first thing I discovered was that due to a mis-measurement of about 15mm, I had cut all the top row of tiles about 15mm too low.

So I had to smash off the top row of tiles....

Which of course took half the plasterboard off with them. I really can't think of anything funny to say about this.


Sabina and Brett said...

OH NO!!! I would suggest taking a cold shower after letting off steam.....but thats obviously not possible. A stiff drink maybe best! Hugs Bean xxx

Hans Jenssen Illustration said...

Believe me, I had several. Good to have you checking in!